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Friday, 30 April 2010

Peace, Love, Chanel

Gossip Girl meets Miss Selfridge

I loveeee the idea of clothes being on the high street inspired by my favourite tv show but oh no, I am not loving the collection at all by Miss Selfridge. The dresses all look cheap and i hate the patterns and colours. Nothing we have'nt seen before and if you go on the website and shop the collection, theres live models posing tacky poses which is not cool. Sorry Miss Selfridge you have let me down.

Stylish Thinking - Hannah Goulden

The C.V - We both study at The Fashion Retail Academy, Both love Gossip Girl, Both have fashion blogs and both drink from the same treasure chest in Mahiki. This girl has style and one of the loveliest people i have met. Check out her blog -

I get my inspiration.. from a lot of things & I don’t really have just one great inspiration, as I get a lot of ideas from street styles, catwalks, magazine shoots, but I do love Olivia Palermo she’s amazing.

I couldn't live without.. my vintage brown Prada bag, that used to be my mums.

I shop.. at Zara for clothes, Kurt Geiger for shoes.

I really enjoy.. reading Grazia but for high fashion ofcorse it has to be Vogue.

My favourite book.. has to be the Twilight Saga’s but for fashion I adore my Teen Vogue hand book, which is with me at all times.

The wardrobe i would love to raid the most would be.. Olivia Palermo & Carrie Bradshaw.

You can never have too many…Dresses & high heeled shoes.

My favourite handbag… is my cute dark green crocodile one.

My most treasured possession… is this gorgeous Swarovski ring my parents got me for my 18th.

The best thing about fashion… is expressing yourself & showing what mood your in and to be creative and fabulous. It’s a big part of life and living.

I started blogging… because I wanted to share my love with other people who share my same interest.

When did geeky glasses get so sexy?

Cool on another level

Friday Favourites

  • Being Blonde
  • Shoes - Lots of them especially being Miu Miu
  • Laughing
  • Pink Miu Miu Bag
  • Lauren Conrad
  • Big hair and Burberry coats

Here we go round the Mulberry tree.

After flicking through the pages of this months Elle, i set my eyes on the betty bow sandals by Mulberry and i am in love! They are perfect for everyday casual comfort for the summer with little dresses and skinny jeans. & only at £150. Not bad not bad. Check them out at

Prints are everywhere this season so Mulberrys horse bangle and coin purse are perfect for this summer coming..

Beaut of the day.

Ashley Olsen

Lazy day -

I love lazy days like today where i have no plans, i can sit on my blog alllll day if i want to :)

Sin till late.

I love my friends

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Camilla Belle

After seeing Camilla Belle in Grazia and wondering who she was, i googled her the actress and she is just simply stunning at only 23! I dont know why i havent seen her before all over magazines. I am in love with that green dress and that Louis Vuitton dress is to die for and her perfect skin, even her name is gorgeous! Shes definitely a new beaut i will be adding to my blog more often..

& for getting good grades i think i deserve this :)


I found out my grades from last term and its given me a little extra hope that i can do this final major project as i got 4 distinctions and 3 merits :) If only i was getting graded for blogging, i would be in my element!

Most Desired.

Christian Louboutin Gold Croc Peeps. I want i want i want...

Beaut of the day.

Couldn't decide which one so i went for both - Taylor Momsen and Megan Fox

Monday, 26 April 2010

Love For Fashion.

Just a little stressed..

Been back to college a week and never have felt stress and panic like this before. In school i was never bothered about exams or coursework etc and even in terms 1 and 2, i was always on track but now this final major project is really getting me down :(

Poppy LaLa ♥

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Scratch ♥


I cant get enough of Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend. I am in love with the pair, they have got to be definitely in the top 10 most gorgeous couples. Can i share him please?

Friday, 23 April 2010