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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dont read if you need to catch up on Gossip Girl - 7th April

Happy Birthday Nate you beaut! Loving the assissin game, i wanna play.. What the hell is little J doing!? Shes always up to something, she winds me up so much! Love her style though with her big grey scarf, bowler hat and smokey eyes. Not sure about her kissing Nate though!

Dan and Vanessa are just getting cuter every week and now Darota is getting married! Darota has got to be one of the cutest people, i want to be her friend :)

That Matthew Williamson dress was to die for but not for creepy Jack! I will actually be distraught if Chuck and Blair split up again over that idiot!!

'Someday you will find true love and hopefully your kids wont grow up to be bastards' Darota you sweetie.

Cant wait till next week,

You know you love me

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