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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Stylish Thinking - Olivia Monghan

The C.V - I met Olivia working in a restaurant when she came to England to visit her friend. She lives in sunny Australia and im very jealous. Shes got gorgeous hair and i love her tattoo. Her style is really cute and we both look up to Olivia Palermo. She found love in England and im ridiculously happy for her.

My style in 3 words...disfunctional, edgy, feminine.
My greatest inspiration.. is to be the best me that I can be, someone I and those closest to me can be proud of. To get as much out of myself and every day as is humanly possible! And laughter. Laughter inspires me!

The greatest thing about me is the long hot summers, the sand beach and sun! The laidback lifestyle, and tiny little towns along the coast waiting to be discovered. We might be a little behind but there is a great amount of creativity starting to come out of Perth too, great fashion and art and a new take on things. Also the diversity of Aus, one city will be the cultural capital and full of inspiration and all sorts of ppl, the next will be sleepy beachside, and the next will be altogether different again.
I look up too..Women who have made it in a man's world! My Mum the strongest woman I know and one of my best friends. Fashion wise its Nicole Richie, and Olivia Palermo just breaks my heart with all her pretty - and her wardrobe!

My favourite thing in my the moment is my puff sleeved and embellished shoulder tops and dresses...and my navy clothes, I have a big colour crush on navy at the moment! Oh and it doesn't live in my wardrobe, but my purple Jimmy Choo wallet that got stolen...I'm still mourning! :-(

On my ipod.. are alot of singular songs, I love Pendulum, Florence and the Machine, Lily Allen, god I could go on all day! Songs to sing and dance to!

The 3 most important things to me are my..Family & friends, health, laughter!!

The person who changed my life...This one is tough because the person who changed my life came out of the experience that changed my life!! The experience was living in England, I met the lovliest people and learnt so much about myself and a whole different world outside of little the fashion made me feel so much more creative and helped me find my own sense of style. The person who came out of this would be Martin...I don't want to be soppy but he is just the most DECENT person I've ever met, what you see is what you get and he has helped me be proud of who I am and confident in being me. He makes me the person I want to be and feel like I can do anything :-)

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