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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Stylish Thinking - Kelly Brown

The C.V - Met at The Fashion Retail Academy where were both studying fashion. I noticed Kellys cool individual style straight away and she got voted most stylish in her class. We both share a love for Florence and the machine.

My style in 3 words.. granny, vintage, non sexy.

Its not very fashionable but you like to.. steal my boyfriends clothes.
My greatest inspiration is.. my mum/nan/aunties and all there old clothes and photos.

On my ipod i listen to.. Oasis, Paul Weller and the drums.

I own so many.. vintage jackets.

My favourite fashion designer is.. Chanel.

I couldnt live without.. alcohol and my ipod.

I shop in.. H&M, vintage stores, ebay and my mums wardrobe.
The craziest thing i've ever done.. is learning to drive.

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