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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Couple of the day.

Before watching The Graham Norton Show, i didnt think much of Katy Perry. I thought she was abit of an attention seeker with her crazy outfits and her silly pop songs but she came across so well and by the end of the show, i become a fan of the pop princess. & What a beaut 'married' couple, she and Russel Brand make xo

Stylish Thinking - Camille Miceli

This months Elle magazine comes through my door this morning with dog tears and rips where my little sh*t of a dog, Dolly, ripped into it trying to bite the postmans hand off or she just wanted to read the latest fashion trends.
One of the biggest features that always catches my attention is the 'Stylish Thinking' articles and this one in particular is Camille Miceli. Her CV is one of the most amazing in the fashion industry and very inspiring to young girls. Here it is -

THE CV. Parasian Camille Miceli's first job was working with Azzedine Alaia, after which she joined Chanel, working in the press office under Karl Lagerfeld's tutelage. In 1997, she met Marc Jacobs and moved to Louis Vuitton. After several years as head of PR, a costume jewellery department was created for her to lead. In 2009, Miceli was named accessories creative director at Dior.

WOW. Did i just count 6 huge fashion names?

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

MKA Olsen

I can remember my mum buying me this magazine when i must have been about 13 when i had such a huge love for the Olsens which is still continuing now. I now have this cover in a frame in my bathroom :)


Stevie AMAZING Wonder

I have always and next year determined to attend the one and only Kate Moss inspired Glastonbury festival, i loved watching it this year infront of the tele. Although i think it would be amazing to be there for real. The highlight of the weekend has to be Stevie Wonders performance, too amazing for words. He is truly inspiring and one of my biggest music idols. Bring on Glastonbury 2011.

Monday, 28 June 2010


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Beaut of the day.

Miranda Kerr.

Picture of the day

I want every inch of this picture including the models gorgeous legs.


- Grey slogan t-shirt half tucked in and half tucked out - Distressed white denims & gorgeous jewellery -

Best Sunday TV -

Keeping up with the Kardashians -
The Hills -
The City -
Khloe & Kourtney take Miami -
Holly Maddisons show -

A little road trip.

I want to take a road trip allllll the way to Glastonbury festival.

Wags? Wheres the wags?

Fabio Capello, why oh why have you banned the wags from seeing there hubs? Im loving the whole football craze, yay, its the world cup, only comes every 4 years and blah blah blah but its just not the same without the wags. Bring the shopping crazy, gorgeously groomed, Christian Louboutin mad wives to the world cup!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Cheryl Cole, 'Your -so- not worth it'

As i stand and sit and then stand again, and then sit and then play on the DS, and then stand and then sit and then start reading my book while eating Hula Hoops, and then sit again and then listen to my ipod and play doodle jump, for a whole 5 hours continually in 3 different queues yesterday at the Excel, i think its all going to be worth it in the end when i get to see the live auditions of The X Factor. Was it worth it?
No Cheryl Cole, Your so not worth it.. In your geordie accent.
We enter the studio that is like a mini 02 arena and the atmosphere is rubbish and the room is sweating hot and stuffy and smells like bad breath. The atmosphere being rubbish may be due to the fact everyone is not really in the mood to see rubbish wannabe singers get tormented by judges anymore where they really just wanna go home. Dermot comes on stage with very (VERY) tight trousers and no hes not a beaut. The judges come out (Cheryl, what a stunner but what a moody bastad) and speak and within 10 minutes or so, the show starts and the first cute girl is on stage with her sparkly dress and red shoes, sings Alicia Keys - No One - and sings it brilliantly and within 2 more minutes, Simon Cowell is saying 'It was boring and unoriginal' Cheryl is just saying 'No' (Which is most of the night) and Louis is saying 'Not good enough' and she was off the stage and the next auditionee was on.. Pfft - You have to be absolutely amazing to get through because i would LOVE to sing the way that girl just did. Ok, so there were about 20 acts, 1 girl sang 'At Last' beautifully, a -gorgeous- boyband sang Cheryl Coles 'Fight For This Love' brilliantly and a mad woman sang Duffy's Mercy just madly. All got through but duh duh duh - Ethan from last year (called me a beaut outside, yesssssss!) auditioned again and Cheryl made the mistake once more and didnt put him through after him singing gorgeously, ok- his looks carry him very well i must say but cmon! Hes gotta go through :( that just tops off the dissapointing day and night. Wouldnt recommend going to see any of the live shows as watching it on the tv without queuing 5 hours with it being all edited is so much better.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

X Factor -

Very excited to be going to the x factor auditions today, and mum reckoning shes going to be coming home with Simon Cowell on her arm, pfft. What to wear? Whats Cheryl going to be wearing? Will there actually be any good acts? EEEEEK.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beiber Fever -

Ok, So im 18 and i would feel a little childish and weird if i was to fancy a 16 year old boy that still has a little high pitched voice and is still in high school. Ew. So what is the beautiful 29 year old Kim Kardashian hanging with Justin Beiber and having photoshoots with him for? Strange? Hes gorgeous and a mini Zac Efron in the making and sings cute songs but come on.. Kardashian is recieving death threats from the thousands of adoring Beiber girlies out there, aw how cute and they've both been said to have 'innocent crushes' on eachother. Well atleast now hes got someone to play gameboy with..

Miu Miu swallows VS River Island cherries.

My eyes nearly popped out my head when i saw these beauties in the Look magazine from River Island! I had to double look and for £54.99, i can get both colours :) Oh My, im in love! The cherries are too cute and the embellishment is so Miu Miu! River Island im sooooo impressed with you! Im going to bed a very happy girlie.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Stylish Thinking - Hollie Worboyes

The C.V - I met Hollie from going out and mutual friends. Shes a really lovely girl and has as many pictures as me on facebook, which is a good thing :) Her love of jewellery stands out and her style is cute and individual and shes just as gorgeous too.

I shop at.. Topshop for basics, every time i need an outfit, i automatically think Topshop. It has the best ranges such as Unique and Kate Mosses Collections. I also love H&M for school as its cheap and i absolutely love that i can get all my six form clothes from there, i feel like a girl out of Gossip Girl in my H&M school clothes.

My fashion icon.. is Olivia Palermo, I love her, she dresses exactly how i want to, she can pull absolutely anything off. But I also have to mention Lauren Conrad as i see her first on The Hills and fell in love with the peace necklaces, cute headbands and so on, i also love her personality which Olivia Palermo doesn’t seem to have.

My weirdo friends.. make me laugh as we are so grose, yet you would never think it if you see us on a night out. If anyone sees our girl chat pictures you would be shocked!!

I love my.. Miu Miu Patent leather killers, I love wearing them. I wipe them over every time i get in and always place them back into the shoe box exactly how i bought them. Also got to love my vans, their so comfy and can wear them with almost anything depending on the colour.

My ipod.. seriously doesnt come out of my ear all day long even if the earphone is just resting on the top of my ear, i love it more than my blackberry. I love all different kind of music, but i love drake! His so cool, and i love the lyrics in his songs, there true and relate to many people. My iPod ranges from Lil Wayne to Justin Bieber to Beyonce.

My favorite thing in my wardrobe are.. my leggings, you can wear all different kinds of colours and patterns, they are just so comfy i feel like I’m wearing pajamas! You can wear them with a lot of things and they sell all different kinds of new patterns everywhere, they’ve even come up with jeggings which i love!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Olsens on a Monday.

The Hills.

I used to look up to the cast of The Hills and i thought that their lives were perfect and you couldnt get any better. I envied them and wanted to become a part of their gang, Well this season, i truly believe the programme has fell apart and i couldnt think of anything worse than to be anywhere near that scene and the drama that follows. & without Lauren Conrad, its just not the same.

The cast have come across very fake with Audrina and Kristen now being friends which is very strange, not seeing Justin Bobbys beard.. Brody and Jayde are no more but he wants Audrina but hes forever getting with Kristen.

Its just an odd show and as for Speidi. WELL WELL WELL - Thats on another level of strange because they have completely lost the plot. Crystals and a barbie make-over with 'surgery hugs', getting huge elephants for a kids party? Weird weird weird couple. Shows what fame and money can do to certain people.

The show used to be about their cool day - to- day life, seeing them shopping, getting their nails done and seeing Lauren and Audrina at work but now its all about 'Who gets with who? Who goes mad when their out? Whos breaking up? Whos saying what about who?' Its really giving a bad name on the young Hollywood beauts. Thank christ its finishing this season because i dont think i can take Spencer Pratt anymore.

Outfit of the day.

Camille Alves (A.K.A Mrs McConaughey) Jelous? Me!!
Im not into florals at all but this gorgeous rose patterned Dolce & Gabanna blouse and skirt caught my eye and i actually fell in love with the prettiness of the summer patterns and the accessories compliment the outfit perfect!

Biatch of the day.

Olivia Palermo - What a beaut but what a biatch!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Long Distance.

Ok, So in my belief - i dont think long distance relationships work all too well when theres no BIG reason for having a relationship be long distance, apart from the fact it would be a 'much better summer somewhere else but here, as theres nothing worse than staying here'*
*In those exact words.
All i want is that your happy but..
Just letting you know that i wont be here waiting for you when your back.

Ascot. Two of the best days of the year by far!!

Thursday 17th June 2010.
Friday 18th June 2010 xo

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

i LOVE making cupcakes.

Have a gorgeous Tuesday.

Off to Camden to see a comedy show and a spot of shopping.

Couple of the day.

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron -

Monday, 14 June 2010


Can you get any better?

I want to live in a Blair Wardolf world.


Glamour Awards -

I always love to see the outcome of Glamour magazine 'Women of the year' awards. Im so happy to see Cheryl Cole being awarded 'WOMAN OF THE YEAR' as i truly believe she deserved it and so did many other women believe it too.
Cheryl is at the top of her game with her first solo single becoming the fastest selling single of 2009, shifting more than a million copies in its first seven days, She's sold more than 800'000 copies of her multi - platinum album, '3 Words', toured with The Black Eyed Peas; Won a 2nd consecutive series of The X Factor, winning with Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry, She tops Best Dressed lists all the time, Lands 'Sexiest women in the world' poll, Features in advertising deals with L'Oreal and secured her place on The Sunday Times rich list after amassing a £10m fortune. Good on you Cheryl, now please change your name back to Tweed.
Previous Winners - Kylie Monogue - 2009
Victoria Beckham - 2007
Christina Aguilera - 2004

.Other Awards.
SOLO ARTIST - Lily Allen -
After seeing Lily being interviewed backstage at V festival last year, i thought she come across very rude and not very friendly so im not that keen on her to be honest. I would have much rather have seen someone else win that award.

Actress - of - the - moment Jessica from Twilight, say no more.
Previous Winners; Estelle 2009, Lily Allen 2008.

FILM ACTRESS - Zoe Saldana -
Starring roles in Star Trek and Avatar catapulted Zoe in the spotlight for all the positive reasons. Shes absolutely beautiful and looks amazing on every red carpet.
Previous Winners; Amanda Seyfried 2009, Sienna Miller 2007, Keira Knightley 2004.

FASHION DESIGNER - Isabel Marant -
Love Love Love.
Previous Winners; Savannah and Sienna Miller 2008, Luella Bartley 2007 & 2006, Stella McCartney 2004.

Im so glad to see Ferne win this two years in a row because i think she is amazing at her job and i think every single woman loves her as much as i do. There is rarely any negative publicity about her and she is a true fashionista. She looks gorgeous in her Mui Mui dress in the photoshoot she's done for the awards. I want!
Previous Winners; Ferne Cotton 2009, Jo Whiley 2008 & 2005 & 2004.

PRESENTER - Christina Bleakley -
Dont like her for going out with Frank Lampard, jealous? Me? No?
Previous Winners; Alexa Chung 2009, Ferne Cotton 2008 & 2007, Davina McCall 2006.

BAND OF THE YEAR - Florence & The Machine -
You know my love for this band, MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!! 'The dog days are overrrrr'
Previous Winners; Girls Aloud 2009 & 2007 & 2004, Spice Girls 2008, Destiny's Child 2005.

TV PERSONALITY - Danni Monogue -
I didnt like her at first with her botoxed face which couldnt move as she moaned about Cheryl Cole being on the judging panel with her on The X Factor but i have recently warmed to her and i think shes going to be one yummy mummy and what a gorgeous mum and dad that little baby will have.
Previous Winners; Cheryl Cole 2009, Danni Monogue 2008, Charlotte Church 2007.

JEALOUS IS NOT EVEN THE WORD! GIVE ME HER JOB PLEASE! Creative director of Mulberry accessories Emma Hill has a job EVERY fashionista is jealous of. Can you imagine her bag collection?!
Previous Winners; Tamara Mellon 2008, Anya Hindmarch 2007.

ENTREPENUER - Nicole Richie -
Nicole Richie is very inspirational to me as i have been a fan of her since i was 10 and i think she really is someone i look up to; Being a true legend on The Simple Life to becoming a mother and a businesswoman. I love her collections and she is one of my biggest fashion icons and always will be.
Previous Winners; Kylie Monogue 2009, Kate Moss 2008, Victoria Beckham 2007.

UK TV ACTRESS - Billie Piper -
Ive pratically seen this woman naked having sex with lots of different men, Secret Diary of a callgirl, one of the best and controversial shows on tv, LOVE IT!
Previous Winners; Michelle Ryan 2009, Amanda Holden 2007, Billie Piper 2006.

Anna should get an award alone for them gorgeous theatre - exit outfits she pulled off.
Previous Winners; Kelly Osbourne 2008, Ashlee Simpson 2007, Sienna Miller 2006.


Stylish Thinking - Liane Armstrong

The CV - I was a bit of a facebook stalker when it comes to Liane, her profile popped up on my homepage to the right and i knew she was perfect for this post flicking through her photos. Her style is cool, edgy, cute and individual. Shes damn right gorgeous too.

The people i look up to in fashion.. are anyone that has started from the bottom and worked there way up in the industry. I cant make clothes so im probably most envious of designers who make their own collections.

My favourite piece of clothing.. was a black Zara blazer with padded shoulders. It was probably one of my most expensive purchases and i could wear it with anything, but i left it in a club and someone stole it. At the moment i love my Puma trainers.

I hardly ever shop.. As im a student i never have any money to spend on clothes. I buy most of my basics from H&M as they have loads of different styles of simple tees. I used to shop in charity shops in my first year of Uni but now i find the clothes in there are priced higher than what they are to buy brand new.

Im inspired.. by my friends, people i see in the street, blogs and magazines.

Style to me.. being a student means you can still look good even if you have no money! Its about using what clothes you have and how you wear them.

My fashion rules are.. just dress for your body. I know everyone always says it - but it will always be number one rule.

My biggest fashion advice.. i would say to skint students, stick to the basics. Buy your staple pieces (which for me are a few short skirts in different colours, t-shirts in different colours, a good boyfriend jacket and a nice fitting pair of jeans or trousers.) I try to avoid prints unless i have more money as then you feel you can only wear the piece every so often. Also dont shop in places where you know the clothes are'nt good quality because in the long run its better to spend a little bit more on something you know will last.

This Spring/Summer.. i love the colours, pastels and ice cream shades.

My style in 3 words.. Natural, simple and androgynous.

Stylish Thinking - Harry Farmer.

The C.V - Harry 'mush' Farmer is one of the coolest boys in Essex with his individual style going on and his new hair styles every now and then. We met when we were at school and get on realllly well seeing as hes a cutie, Hes an A* student but way toooo coool for schooool.

My fashion inspiration.. is music, movies (1960's quadrophenia and dessert boots, wow), art and culture, i am influenced by everything i come into contact with daily.

The people i look up to in fashion.. are Raf Simmons, his stuff is elegant, sharp and original. Also Brandon Flowers, that feathered blazer in the 'Human video, OMG.

My shoes.. have got to be my favourite thing in my wardrobe, A decent pair of boots dont go a miss, chelsea, military, dessert.

For me style is.. an expression of self, It's about not conforming to what society would dictate, become alternate. Be comfortable and wear 'you'.

My favourite places to shop are.. Vintage and thrift stores, boutiques in Brick Lane and Spitalfields market. All Saints is still a must even though its now beseeched by 'posers'. Urban Outfitters is like my second home and at the end of the month, Dover Street Market.

The best things about those places.. are the music, Vampire Weekend while i rumage through rags at rocket mmmm. Talking to people with a fashion conciousness.

I found my own individual style.. when i first started chasing girls, i was superficial and wanted to look good.
My style in 3 words.. Bespoke, Mixture of classic and innovation.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Label Crush - ZADIG et VOLTAIRE.

After i discovered this cool shop on a trip at Westfields and seen this article recently published in Elle magazine, i think this label will be hot this summer. Im in love with the little denim shorts with slouchy vests and ofcourse the classic cowboy booties. Perfect for my obsession of festival style right now.

What? The label was founded in 1997 by the Giller family who renowned for their Frencg heritage knitwear and love of contemporary art and rock'n'roll. There influences are evident in the collections - Current campaign stars are Mark Ronson and his chic Parisian girlfriend Josephine de la Baume.

Who wears it? Ronnie and Leah Wood, Mick Jagger, Sting's daughter Fuschia Summer (What a cool name)

Whats good? Casual slouchy basics with rock chick undertones. The best cowboy boots this side of Dalls, plus baby - soft cashmere, cool music tees and denim.

Where?, Selfridges and Westfields.

Kate Moss Topshop

Check out Kate Moss's video showcasing her gorgeous new summer collection for topshop on under the Kate Moss sectoion. Shot by Nick Knight.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Festival Style.

After 2 hours spent exploring and creating festival outfits under £200 on polyvore, i have produced two cute outfits and more to come. Please check them out...

Cutie 'Cowboy' Pie -
A cute Wildfox tee with boho beaded denim hotpants accessorised with bright charmed jewellery all tying together for that peace hippy look. The classic cowboy hat at a bargain price of £5 and the heart sunglasses to add cuteness and fun to your outfit.

Festivalista -

A ditsy floral playsuit teamed with bright classic Hunters attacthed is the cutest coin pouch allowing you not to lose any beer money. Wear the stripy socks for comfort and a clash of prints is in this summer. Floral inspired trilby and an adorable straw bag add feminity and cuteness. Wear the sunglasses with style and rock them festivals.


Love this picture, who can really tell them apart?

CFDA Awards.

The awards.
Womanswear designer of the year- Marc Jacobs
Menswear designer of the year- Marcus Wainwright and David Neville for Rag&Bone
Accessory designer of the year- Alexis Bittar
Swarovski award for womanswear- Jason Wu
Swarovski award for Menswear- Richard Chai
Swarovski award for accessory design- Alexander Wang
Geoffrey Beene lifetime achievement award- Michael Kors
International award- Christopher Bailey for Burberry
Eleanor Lambert award- Tonne Goodman, Fashion Director, Vogue
Fashion icon award- Iman
Board of directors' special tribute- Alexander McQueen

The best dressed.

Whitney Port. I love the elegance of this metallic gown, a different fashion look for Whitney. The gown shows off her amazing figure, She looks gorgeous as always.
Jessica Biel. I am in love with this DVF gown. The colours are gorgeous for Biel's skin tone and all the classic, simple accessories show the dress off perfectly.
Sarah Jessica Parker. Alexander McQueen. Enough said.
Gwyneth Paltrow. I wouldnt normally call Gwyneth a style icon as such but i think this classic sparkly black gown is out of this fashion world and definitely deserves to be in the best dressed catogary.
The not -so- best dressed.
Daisy Lowe. Not feeling the leapord print or the sheer no denier tights. Shame on you Lowe.
Rachel Weisz. Plain, Simple, Boring.
Alexa Chung. Ill be the first one to put my hand up for Alexa being one of my biggest fashion icons with her quirky individual style but im not liking this 'ive gone and visited my grandma's wardrobe and still look cool' look.. from the length of the dress down to the height of the heel, i do not like this outfit one tiny bit.
Council of fashion designers of America