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Monday, 21 June 2010

The Hills.

I used to look up to the cast of The Hills and i thought that their lives were perfect and you couldnt get any better. I envied them and wanted to become a part of their gang, Well this season, i truly believe the programme has fell apart and i couldnt think of anything worse than to be anywhere near that scene and the drama that follows. & without Lauren Conrad, its just not the same.

The cast have come across very fake with Audrina and Kristen now being friends which is very strange, not seeing Justin Bobbys beard.. Brody and Jayde are no more but he wants Audrina but hes forever getting with Kristen.

Its just an odd show and as for Speidi. WELL WELL WELL - Thats on another level of strange because they have completely lost the plot. Crystals and a barbie make-over with 'surgery hugs', getting huge elephants for a kids party? Weird weird weird couple. Shows what fame and money can do to certain people.

The show used to be about their cool day - to- day life, seeing them shopping, getting their nails done and seeing Lauren and Audrina at work but now its all about 'Who gets with who? Who goes mad when their out? Whos breaking up? Whos saying what about who?' Its really giving a bad name on the young Hollywood beauts. Thank christ its finishing this season because i dont think i can take Spencer Pratt anymore.

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