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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Stylish Thinking - Hollie Worboyes

The C.V - I met Hollie from going out and mutual friends. Shes a really lovely girl and has as many pictures as me on facebook, which is a good thing :) Her love of jewellery stands out and her style is cute and individual and shes just as gorgeous too.

I shop at.. Topshop for basics, every time i need an outfit, i automatically think Topshop. It has the best ranges such as Unique and Kate Mosses Collections. I also love H&M for school as its cheap and i absolutely love that i can get all my six form clothes from there, i feel like a girl out of Gossip Girl in my H&M school clothes.

My fashion icon.. is Olivia Palermo, I love her, she dresses exactly how i want to, she can pull absolutely anything off. But I also have to mention Lauren Conrad as i see her first on The Hills and fell in love with the peace necklaces, cute headbands and so on, i also love her personality which Olivia Palermo doesn’t seem to have.

My weirdo friends.. make me laugh as we are so grose, yet you would never think it if you see us on a night out. If anyone sees our girl chat pictures you would be shocked!!

I love my.. Miu Miu Patent leather killers, I love wearing them. I wipe them over every time i get in and always place them back into the shoe box exactly how i bought them. Also got to love my vans, their so comfy and can wear them with almost anything depending on the colour.

My ipod.. seriously doesnt come out of my ear all day long even if the earphone is just resting on the top of my ear, i love it more than my blackberry. I love all different kind of music, but i love drake! His so cool, and i love the lyrics in his songs, there true and relate to many people. My iPod ranges from Lil Wayne to Justin Bieber to Beyonce.

My favorite thing in my wardrobe are.. my leggings, you can wear all different kinds of colours and patterns, they are just so comfy i feel like I’m wearing pajamas! You can wear them with a lot of things and they sell all different kinds of new patterns everywhere, they’ve even come up with jeggings which i love!

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