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Monday, 14 June 2010

Stylish Thinking - Harry Farmer.

The C.V - Harry 'mush' Farmer is one of the coolest boys in Essex with his individual style going on and his new hair styles every now and then. We met when we were at school and get on realllly well seeing as hes a cutie, Hes an A* student but way toooo coool for schooool.

My fashion inspiration.. is music, movies (1960's quadrophenia and dessert boots, wow), art and culture, i am influenced by everything i come into contact with daily.

The people i look up to in fashion.. are Raf Simmons, his stuff is elegant, sharp and original. Also Brandon Flowers, that feathered blazer in the 'Human video, OMG.

My shoes.. have got to be my favourite thing in my wardrobe, A decent pair of boots dont go a miss, chelsea, military, dessert.

For me style is.. an expression of self, It's about not conforming to what society would dictate, become alternate. Be comfortable and wear 'you'.

My favourite places to shop are.. Vintage and thrift stores, boutiques in Brick Lane and Spitalfields market. All Saints is still a must even though its now beseeched by 'posers'. Urban Outfitters is like my second home and at the end of the month, Dover Street Market.

The best things about those places.. are the music, Vampire Weekend while i rumage through rags at rocket mmmm. Talking to people with a fashion conciousness.

I found my own individual style.. when i first started chasing girls, i was superficial and wanted to look good.
My style in 3 words.. Bespoke, Mixture of classic and innovation.

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