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Friday, 25 June 2010

Cheryl Cole, 'Your -so- not worth it'

As i stand and sit and then stand again, and then sit and then play on the DS, and then stand and then sit and then start reading my book while eating Hula Hoops, and then sit again and then listen to my ipod and play doodle jump, for a whole 5 hours continually in 3 different queues yesterday at the Excel, i think its all going to be worth it in the end when i get to see the live auditions of The X Factor. Was it worth it?
No Cheryl Cole, Your so not worth it.. In your geordie accent.
We enter the studio that is like a mini 02 arena and the atmosphere is rubbish and the room is sweating hot and stuffy and smells like bad breath. The atmosphere being rubbish may be due to the fact everyone is not really in the mood to see rubbish wannabe singers get tormented by judges anymore where they really just wanna go home. Dermot comes on stage with very (VERY) tight trousers and no hes not a beaut. The judges come out (Cheryl, what a stunner but what a moody bastad) and speak and within 10 minutes or so, the show starts and the first cute girl is on stage with her sparkly dress and red shoes, sings Alicia Keys - No One - and sings it brilliantly and within 2 more minutes, Simon Cowell is saying 'It was boring and unoriginal' Cheryl is just saying 'No' (Which is most of the night) and Louis is saying 'Not good enough' and she was off the stage and the next auditionee was on.. Pfft - You have to be absolutely amazing to get through because i would LOVE to sing the way that girl just did. Ok, so there were about 20 acts, 1 girl sang 'At Last' beautifully, a -gorgeous- boyband sang Cheryl Coles 'Fight For This Love' brilliantly and a mad woman sang Duffy's Mercy just madly. All got through but duh duh duh - Ethan from last year (called me a beaut outside, yesssssss!) auditioned again and Cheryl made the mistake once more and didnt put him through after him singing gorgeously, ok- his looks carry him very well i must say but cmon! Hes gotta go through :( that just tops off the dissapointing day and night. Wouldnt recommend going to see any of the live shows as watching it on the tv without queuing 5 hours with it being all edited is so much better.

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