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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

MTV Movie Awards.

After watching the MTV Movie Awards, i have just realised how crazy everyone is for Twilight! Whether it was Kristen Stewart going up for best female or Robert Pattinson gracing everyone for the award of best male, the both recieving the award for the best kiss although they look very awkward while kissing on stage, i still dont think Kristen deserves the credit she gets. The presenter also was the unfunniest presenter i have ever seen, thank the lord for sky plus where i could forward his ridiculous unfunny shows. Old-school Christina Aquilera & J.LO made wicked performances and i love Katy Perry's new blue hair as she rocked the stage as she always does. I thought the whole show was abit ridiculous and pathetic but got me through the massive pile of ironing i was doing :)

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