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Monday, 14 June 2010

Stylish Thinking - Liane Armstrong

The CV - I was a bit of a facebook stalker when it comes to Liane, her profile popped up on my homepage to the right and i knew she was perfect for this post flicking through her photos. Her style is cool, edgy, cute and individual. Shes damn right gorgeous too.

The people i look up to in fashion.. are anyone that has started from the bottom and worked there way up in the industry. I cant make clothes so im probably most envious of designers who make their own collections.

My favourite piece of clothing.. was a black Zara blazer with padded shoulders. It was probably one of my most expensive purchases and i could wear it with anything, but i left it in a club and someone stole it. At the moment i love my Puma trainers.

I hardly ever shop.. As im a student i never have any money to spend on clothes. I buy most of my basics from H&M as they have loads of different styles of simple tees. I used to shop in charity shops in my first year of Uni but now i find the clothes in there are priced higher than what they are to buy brand new.

Im inspired.. by my friends, people i see in the street, blogs and magazines.

Style to me.. being a student means you can still look good even if you have no money! Its about using what clothes you have and how you wear them.

My fashion rules are.. just dress for your body. I know everyone always says it - but it will always be number one rule.

My biggest fashion advice.. i would say to skint students, stick to the basics. Buy your staple pieces (which for me are a few short skirts in different colours, t-shirts in different colours, a good boyfriend jacket and a nice fitting pair of jeans or trousers.) I try to avoid prints unless i have more money as then you feel you can only wear the piece every so often. Also dont shop in places where you know the clothes are'nt good quality because in the long run its better to spend a little bit more on something you know will last.

This Spring/Summer.. i love the colours, pastels and ice cream shades.

My style in 3 words.. Natural, simple and androgynous.

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