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Friday, 30 July 2010

Olivia Palermo shoots her first UK cover for Asos is becoming more and more well known as the biggest online retailer supplying high street and high end fashion as well as producing their own product. So when i heard Olivia Palermo was the cover of there gorgeous magazine, i werent suprised and just had to sign up to recieve it through my door.
& Wow what a gorgeous model Olivia makes and what amazing pictures she takes and.. whats even more exciting about this shoot is that everything she's wearing you can purchase online.


New Style Crush - Sunday Girl

AKA - Jade Williams. A Singing Beauty.

Im in love with this outfit Sunday Girl wore to Lovebox Festival. That chiffon blouse would look nothing but awful on anybody else but she works it perfectly with a clashing white collar. Working the huge leather trend with those chic city shorts, little grey school girl ankle socks and brogues. Perfect. Didnt know black looked so good at festivals. I think it helps she is also god damn gorgeous.

Gossip Girl, Come Back Now Please.

The anticipation just keeps building up for when Gossip Girl hits our screens again. Being my most favourite programme ever, its my O.C of its day. I was in love with The O.C and now its GG. Im so excited to see the cast filming in Paris which means new love affairs? New guys? New Friendships? New enemies? New drama.. Now there filming in New York and CHUCK BASS is still alive, thank jesus christ. I literally cant wait to have my Wednesday nights back watching the beautiful Manhatten sociallites.
You know you love me.


Talking of V Festival...

I have began writing my list of what i need to buy and take with me..

I started off with doing a bubble with 'What i want to take' and giving it lots of tags such as
  • Denim shorts - A MUST
  • Chunky Knits - For when its cold at night
  • Sequins - Lots of them
  • My kate moss blouse - Goes with everything
  • Layers of vests and t-shirts - For definite
  • A Checked shirt - Festivals wouldnt be the same without them
  • Long socks and Hunters - a festival must although i doubt it will be muddy
  • Blue Chanel Bag - Perfect size, chain bag, v.handy
  • & my butterfly wings - AN ABSOLUTE MUST
AND MANY MANY MANY MORE - Definitely not going to be able to take everything :(


Loving this whole 'Put your old crap you never wear or use on Ebay' idea. Ive made a hefty £300 since doing it which bought my V ticket and my tent, all i need now is another £300 to buy my weekend wardrobe :)

Masquerade Moulin Rouge.

Help. Help. Help, why do i leave everything to the last minute. I just dont know how and when i am going to put together an outfit for the masquerade meets moulin rouge party in 2 days. I have a mask and thats all, maybe a plain black dress with a nice pair of heels but i know ill look and feel out of place if i dont dress up...... I just want to look like Serena Vanderwoodsen when she attends the masquerade ball in GG. If only i had the help of the Gossip Girls wardrobe department and stylists. HELP.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Okay, So i havnt been on here in quite a while as working, buying my V ticket at lastttt, tent shopping, masquerade mask shopping, Ebay selling, attending Itunes festival and bike rides have been taking up so much of my life lately but im back and ive missed you blogger.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Duke of Essex Polo 2010.

Dress - Juicy Couture
Shoes - Dune
Bag - Topshop
Watch - Rolex
Jewellery - Juicy Couture, Boutiques and Chanel.


Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Im just loving Ebay right now. After sorting some things out to do a bootsale with, my mum suggested putting a few things on Ebay as i cant do a bootsale until next weekend. I got addicted pretty quick and now i have more than 20 items on sale. Check out my items if you can because you cant beat a bargain. Theres old Chanel purses, Sass and Bide t-shirts, Vintage clothes from Portabello, Cute jewellery from Anna Lou, D&G, Fendi, Anya Hindmarch and many more. New and Used.
Keep checking every few days for new additions because once i get started with something, i dont stop. Just like blogging :)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Olivia, Is it bye bye from Elle?

I love watching The City and seeing Erin and Olivia digging eachother out the whole time being in competition to get Joes attention. Its hard for me to say this as i think of Olivia as a style icon and she makes great television but i couldn't help getting excited when i saw 'next time on The City', Olivia arrives late for an event and the hot English beauty steps in to do Olivia's interviewing role. Eeeeek! Erin, you sly cat! I LOVE IT! Best season so far.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Ferne to launch Make Up range.

Eeeek, Ferne Cotton is said to be launching her own 12 piece make up range exclusively for Boots at the beginning of September. Its going to be so cute and the packaging is said to be influenced from her own bodywork, a mixture of florals and animal prints. After seeing Ferne close up at the Itunes Festival, her natural make-up yet very chic eye liner was a hit and I'm very excited to see the range and the title yet to be released!

Clogging About -

I eventually wore clogs, well techniqully the clogs are owned by my adorable mother but ofcourse i wear them thankfully both having diddy feet and both fitting in them and i was so excited about wearing them :) I teamed them with a casual outfit consisting of denim hotpants from H&M, a silk camisole from a designers collection at Topshop with a sequined silk waistcoat over the top with my favourite Birkin bag with curly wispy hair & a tan. ilovesummer!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

my 50p shirt.

Following the denim trend, I bought this Paul Smith shirt at a boot-sale a couple of months ago but it was a size XXL in mens size but i knew for 50p i could do something with it. Last night after cutting my old jeans into denim hotpants i become scissor happy and pulled the shirt out my wardrobe and just got cutting. I cut along the bottom and frayed it to give it a vintage worn look. I wore it today with a little white dress tied at the front to give that cowboy look with little brown booties which i just cannot stop wearing at the minute! I also wore it casually open. Im now more in love with the denim trend as before and for 50p, you just cannot go wrong!

Itunes Festival.

My outfit - Grey slouchy vest from Urban Outfitters, Star print shorts from Primark, Cardigan from a vintage store, watch from holiday, bracelets from Anna Lou, Necklaces handmade and bought at London Fashion Week, bag from Balenciaga.

My first experience at the Itunes Festival was one to remember. After inviting the gorgeous Greg, Helena and Helena bringing the lovely Shannen, It was just the 4 of us with about 15 other people surrounding Ferne Cotton and Dave Berry in the studio at the Round House in the trendy yet unusal Camden Town as they presented the Live Show at 10'o'clock. Which meant we missed Mumford and Sons perform but got to meet Ferne Cotton & Dave Berry who were as lovely as expected. Ferne wore a bright patterned dress with the most gorgeous Chanel chain belt and classic black stilettos. She made her outfit her own with wearing tons of rings and her signature tattoos were gorgeous, She gave the name and number of her tattooist to Rhys Ifans who was out of his face as expected! Patrick Keilty or however you spell his name, 'Not fit, not funny and not even famous' quoted by the gorgeous Helena was also interviewed which i did not find one bit funny. When we finished recording we listened and danced to the last few songs of the night performed by all 3 artists including Laura Marling, Love her! The next day i watched the show and there we were sitting and standing, talking and laughing as instructed which was pretty hilarious. Bring on the next festival experience.

Nissan Figaro -

How adorable, i am really looking into buying one of these little old school beauties. xoxo

Friday, 9 July 2010

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano

The biggest song to get you in the mood for summer partying!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Britain's Next Top Model.

I have always thought Britain's next top model to be a poor version of the great American show but after seeing the first episode greatly influenced by the gorgeous Elle Macpherson as i find her a true style icon, i can see myself really getting into it this season, you cant beat good Monday tv!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Im in love with my new rings, just had to get them in every colour :)

Itunes Festival.

This outfit created by myself is for the Itunes Festival tomorrow which i am very excited about with either blue skinnys or little denim cut off's with little cowboy booties.

The most romantic couture.

An intimate love affair set place at the amazing, classical Parisian Hotel D'evreux. Ricardo Tisci based his Givenchy 2010-11 couture collection on Frida Kahlo and her three greatest passions - Religion, anatomy and sensuality.

The detail in this collection was simply outstanding and the craftship must have taken hours. Encrusted with intricate lace and embroidery, stones and layer upon layer of detailing, the collection is my favourite of yet. I'm in love with the soft whites, creams and gold colour palette and the modern twist of Tisci's collection yet capturing the couture concept of detail and exquisiteness.

Feathers, fringing, sequins and origami being the key tools, the romantic, sexy yet classic collection had me gobsmacked and i think many women are now going to go looking for a VERY wealthy man to marry just so she can wear a Givenchy couture wedding gown.

The models smokey eyes, neutral coloured nails and long straight, middle parting hair in all different shades complimented the collection perfectly. The key items that stood out for me were; the models wearing jackets matching their dresses as capes over the shoulders, the tie-die feathered dress to the floor, amazing! & the metallic studded belts giving the romantic clustered dresses an edge. The one thing I'm not too keen on were the white tights teamed with open toe white shoes. Reminded me of little girls at Christmas parties.

Ricardo Tisci has inspired me to love couture even more than i already had done before.

Golden Lion Couture.

Karl Lagerfelds Chanel Couture Autumn/Winter 2010-11, showcasing at the gorgeous, huge Grand Palais where the melting ice-berg from his ready-to-wear show in March was replaced with a huge golden lion represting Coco Chanel's star sign, resting a giant pearl in it's paws as the models entered.

As the likes of Anna Wintour who works the jacket thrown over the shoulder as a cape trend, Grace Coddington, Jessica Alba and my favourite Gossip Girl stars Leighton Meester and Blake Lively sat front row, the show began. The clothes made with russian influences, smothered as they were with glittering embellishment, fur trims, silk brocade and fine tweed coats.

The collection reminded me of the wealthy mature lady via grand coats and embellished dresses in rich, dark tones with decorative cuffs, collars and pockets.

The dresses as gorgeous as the models with finely blow-dryed, wispy hair and red lips wore the classic, simple, shift shapes perfect for the day, yet more elaborate and jewelled full length versions for the night. My favourite dress was one at which was a toffee toned palette, just above the knee in a rich heavy fabric with exquisite embellishment. The clustered gold and coloured stone cuffs perfected the look whereas im not too keen on the futuristic metallic boots. The dress after was covered in pearls and the cage, cobweb effect of the boots still werent my taste. Other dresses reminded me of indian weddings as the rich colours of navy and gold mixed together. One look has stuck in my mind which is a two piece, skirt and cropped jacket tux combination which is sure to be taken off by fashionista Alexa Chung. Remember the waiting list for the newest Chanel nail colour is always weeks, so get in there before others get there filthy Chanel paws on it, its a burgendy red.

As always Lagerfeld always tries to inject some fun to his collection which in this couture show meant as the final model entered with a lion-head man, i thought it could be the man itself but yet to appear, model of the moment - Baptiste Giabi which i couldnt complain about, he looked just as gorgeous in his white shirt as the Karl Lagerfeld did himself.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Olivia in DVF.

Olivia Palermo just does it everytime for me. Her style is so clean, classic and individual. You can tell she styles herself unlike many people who call Rachel Zoe their 'best friend'. Im in love with Olivia's outfit here dressed completely in DVF. The mix of sequins, light florals, white shorts and those gorgeous coral shoes, a summer must have outfit.

Olivia does it again.

Outfit of the day.

Lipstick red trousers, duck egg blue blazer, classic Louis Vuitton bag, chic wayfarers & nude suede shoes. Should this work? No. Does it work for this gorgeous fashionista? Yes. You go girl.

With The Band

Glastonbury 2010.

Wireless 2006.

Glastonbury 2005.

Glastonbury 2006.

Isle of Wight 2005.

Glastonbury 2005.

Ever since festivals become fashionable, Kate Moss led the fashion stakes right up until Glastonbury last week. She bought the Hunters, the sequins and the leather trousers covered in mud to every festival about. Moss has inspired me to go to festivals and her sense of effortless, cool style is unpredictable and her rock chick edge makes it exciting. Other models would make a rare backstage VIP 10 minute appearance, but its Kate who would head off in the rain and plenty of mud to England's summer festivals year after year. Her festival style is vintage and unique, teaming sequin capes with skinny jeans and 'ive just got out of bed' hair. Her outfits are unforgettable chic. Never forgetting the slapdash of the 'All Saints - Glastonbury Rocks' studded belt in 2005, Moss then became the poster girl for festivals. One of my favourites is Moss at Wireless with her signature denim cut off's, the most gorgeous tanned leather jacket, working the scallop edge trend back in 2006 and her boho silk blouse with her 'just fell out the tourbus' hair. LOVE! & how could anyone put together pvc jeans, a studded belt, a lace and velvet cape and still work it without turning into a goth crazed by death? Kate Moss can, at Glastonbury 2005. This year she repeated her fur shawl at Glastonbury from years ago, recycling does work! With gorgeous Marc Jacobs ankle boots and her same - old, same - old hotpants.
No matter what people say, Kate Moss is the festival Queen.

Monday, 5 July 2010


Recieving my huge award that i swapped for a cute little one :)

The gorgeous mother.

The proud mother.

The most glamorous principle ever and the lovely Kim.
The gorgeous Laurence & Alison.

Jesssss, my year wouldnt have been the same without her.

My cute little award that im so proud of!

Walking into The Fashion Retail Acedemy in September 2009, i never thought i would walk out on graduation day winning The Outstanding Student Of The Year Award aswell as an overall Distinction grade certificate. As soon as my name was called out after a long speech as to whos won it, i couldnt believe it and just wanted to go cuddle my mum. I felt like i had won an Oscar ha! As i have always said 'Its the effort you put into something yourself to achieve what you want out of life' and working ridiculously hard throughout the year and especially in my FMP definitely payed off. Today at graduation has inspired me to go on to Level 3 and work as hard as i possibly can to achieve the best results as the feeling is amazing. I have had the best first year at FRA and bring on Level 3! xo
& to top one of the best days, my mother bought me the most gorgeous Twenty8Twelve dress as a congratulations present. YAY! xo