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Sunday, 4 July 2010


After seeing thousands of florals, hundreds of playsuits, every colour pair of Haviana flip-flops, tiny denim shorts and too many trilby hats, my first Wireless Festival experience was one to remember, i spent all day looking at fashionista's working the festival trend and many many fashion dont's. I've never seen so many dirty people where there was no mud, i looked pretty clean :) I was loving getting drenched by everyones alcohol being chucked over everyones head and laughing at the drunken messes getting it on. The acts were amaze. Snoop Dogg, what a motherf*cker gangster on the mainstage. Chilled out Lisa Mitchell performing on Bandstand in the UGG garden with the posh loo's costing £3 to go to the toilet, proper festival styleee. The one act that set the whole experience off was 2ManyDjs, making everyone just jump around to the amazing beats. A definite weekend trip next year with all the girls and my jord.

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