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Monday, 5 July 2010


Recieving my huge award that i swapped for a cute little one :)

The gorgeous mother.

The proud mother.

The most glamorous principle ever and the lovely Kim.
The gorgeous Laurence & Alison.

Jesssss, my year wouldnt have been the same without her.

My cute little award that im so proud of!

Walking into The Fashion Retail Acedemy in September 2009, i never thought i would walk out on graduation day winning The Outstanding Student Of The Year Award aswell as an overall Distinction grade certificate. As soon as my name was called out after a long speech as to whos won it, i couldnt believe it and just wanted to go cuddle my mum. I felt like i had won an Oscar ha! As i have always said 'Its the effort you put into something yourself to achieve what you want out of life' and working ridiculously hard throughout the year and especially in my FMP definitely payed off. Today at graduation has inspired me to go on to Level 3 and work as hard as i possibly can to achieve the best results as the feeling is amazing. I have had the best first year at FRA and bring on Level 3! xo
& to top one of the best days, my mother bought me the most gorgeous Twenty8Twelve dress as a congratulations present. YAY! xo

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