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Friday, 30 July 2010

Gossip Girl, Come Back Now Please.

The anticipation just keeps building up for when Gossip Girl hits our screens again. Being my most favourite programme ever, its my O.C of its day. I was in love with The O.C and now its GG. Im so excited to see the cast filming in Paris which means new love affairs? New guys? New Friendships? New enemies? New drama.. Now there filming in New York and CHUCK BASS is still alive, thank jesus christ. I literally cant wait to have my Wednesday nights back watching the beautiful Manhatten sociallites.
You know you love me.


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  1. totally! i was the biggest O.C. fan as well.I had everything and i am just as a gossip girl and 90210 fan now! i adore Leighton Meester ,shes stunning :)