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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

With The Band

Glastonbury 2010.

Wireless 2006.

Glastonbury 2005.

Glastonbury 2006.

Isle of Wight 2005.

Glastonbury 2005.

Ever since festivals become fashionable, Kate Moss led the fashion stakes right up until Glastonbury last week. She bought the Hunters, the sequins and the leather trousers covered in mud to every festival about. Moss has inspired me to go to festivals and her sense of effortless, cool style is unpredictable and her rock chick edge makes it exciting. Other models would make a rare backstage VIP 10 minute appearance, but its Kate who would head off in the rain and plenty of mud to England's summer festivals year after year. Her festival style is vintage and unique, teaming sequin capes with skinny jeans and 'ive just got out of bed' hair. Her outfits are unforgettable chic. Never forgetting the slapdash of the 'All Saints - Glastonbury Rocks' studded belt in 2005, Moss then became the poster girl for festivals. One of my favourites is Moss at Wireless with her signature denim cut off's, the most gorgeous tanned leather jacket, working the scallop edge trend back in 2006 and her boho silk blouse with her 'just fell out the tourbus' hair. LOVE! & how could anyone put together pvc jeans, a studded belt, a lace and velvet cape and still work it without turning into a goth crazed by death? Kate Moss can, at Glastonbury 2005. This year she repeated her fur shawl at Glastonbury from years ago, recycling does work! With gorgeous Marc Jacobs ankle boots and her same - old, same - old hotpants.
No matter what people say, Kate Moss is the festival Queen.

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