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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Itunes Festival.

My outfit - Grey slouchy vest from Urban Outfitters, Star print shorts from Primark, Cardigan from a vintage store, watch from holiday, bracelets from Anna Lou, Necklaces handmade and bought at London Fashion Week, bag from Balenciaga.

My first experience at the Itunes Festival was one to remember. After inviting the gorgeous Greg, Helena and Helena bringing the lovely Shannen, It was just the 4 of us with about 15 other people surrounding Ferne Cotton and Dave Berry in the studio at the Round House in the trendy yet unusal Camden Town as they presented the Live Show at 10'o'clock. Which meant we missed Mumford and Sons perform but got to meet Ferne Cotton & Dave Berry who were as lovely as expected. Ferne wore a bright patterned dress with the most gorgeous Chanel chain belt and classic black stilettos. She made her outfit her own with wearing tons of rings and her signature tattoos were gorgeous, She gave the name and number of her tattooist to Rhys Ifans who was out of his face as expected! Patrick Keilty or however you spell his name, 'Not fit, not funny and not even famous' quoted by the gorgeous Helena was also interviewed which i did not find one bit funny. When we finished recording we listened and danced to the last few songs of the night performed by all 3 artists including Laura Marling, Love her! The next day i watched the show and there we were sitting and standing, talking and laughing as instructed which was pretty hilarious. Bring on the next festival experience.

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