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Friday, 30 July 2010

Talking of V Festival...

I have began writing my list of what i need to buy and take with me..

I started off with doing a bubble with 'What i want to take' and giving it lots of tags such as
  • Denim shorts - A MUST
  • Chunky Knits - For when its cold at night
  • Sequins - Lots of them
  • My kate moss blouse - Goes with everything
  • Layers of vests and t-shirts - For definite
  • A Checked shirt - Festivals wouldnt be the same without them
  • Long socks and Hunters - a festival must although i doubt it will be muddy
  • Blue Chanel Bag - Perfect size, chain bag, v.handy
  • & my butterfly wings - AN ABSOLUTE MUST
AND MANY MANY MANY MORE - Definitely not going to be able to take everything :(

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