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Monday, 7 June 2010

Photos Capture Everything.

As you may already know, i am obsessed with taking pictures, looking at pictures, being inspired by pictures and my 'Mobile Uploads' album on facebook has about 400 pictures in it. These are the 10 most recent photos in the album.,.
Moi going Little Italy for the best friends special day. Girly outfit teamed with a punk rock gold stud cuff.

Brotherly Love - Going to college on a sunny day in a Marc Jacobs mini jersey dress and slouchy blue bag.

Dedicated Student - Finishing off my work on my laptop in a queue of people waiting to see a show.

Roxy Baby Pink Mulberry. LOVE!

Peace, Love & Mud Mulberry ribbon worn around my wrist.

Strawberry pink sparkly cupcakes.

Strawberry sparkly cupackes in a pink cake tin :)

A loose fit baggy top, denim hot pants (although you cant see them, 'who wears short shorts?') A multi colour scarf & little cowboy booties. Channeling the 70's spirit in the sun.

My favourite keyring EVER!


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