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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Stylish Thinking - Camille Miceli

This months Elle magazine comes through my door this morning with dog tears and rips where my little sh*t of a dog, Dolly, ripped into it trying to bite the postmans hand off or she just wanted to read the latest fashion trends.
One of the biggest features that always catches my attention is the 'Stylish Thinking' articles and this one in particular is Camille Miceli. Her CV is one of the most amazing in the fashion industry and very inspiring to young girls. Here it is -

THE CV. Parasian Camille Miceli's first job was working with Azzedine Alaia, after which she joined Chanel, working in the press office under Karl Lagerfeld's tutelage. In 1997, she met Marc Jacobs and moved to Louis Vuitton. After several years as head of PR, a costume jewellery department was created for her to lead. In 2009, Miceli was named accessories creative director at Dior.

WOW. Did i just count 6 huge fashion names?

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