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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Most Gorgeous List -

Every Wednesday on facebook, my mum makes a 'Most Gorgeous List' and puts on everyone thats made her smile, laugh or told her compliments on this list. This week it was dedicated to me so i thought i would post it onto my blog as i think its too cute to not. Mother, you little beaut.

April Salsbury - ok well today is a special 'Most Gorgeous' list cos its dedicated to my Jodie turning 18 this week....These are just a few things that Jodie has said and done that have stuck in my mind....♥

No. 1 ....when she was little she was really naughty for me when we was out so when we got back i put her in her bedroom still wearing her coat and made her sit on her bed...i looked through the crack of the door to see what she would do and she just shrugged her shoulders and said 'im on me own now, im on me own!!!' ....haha...little cow x

No. 2 .....on her birthday when she was about 2 the little lovely would not wear her new party shoes and i mean not wear them....kicking screaming until she had her dirty bashed up little baseball boots on with her party dress...then she twirled round the garden all happy and singing...xx

No. 3 ...when she was about 3 we was round my sisters Vanessa's house and her little boy Callum who was 4 was coming out the kitchen and Jodie just goes to him 'Cal do you wanna dance?'....well he looked at her with utter disgust and went 'no i dont'....xx

No. 4 ....when Jodie had to have her pre-school injection at the doctors she was crying when we came out and this lady said 'oh darling why are you crying' and Jodie goes 'cos the doctor just stuck a nail in my arm'....hahahah....she was very cute you know x.x.

No. 5 ...she couldnt stand if i bought cockles from the seafood stalls she thought they looked like baby birds...and once she walked into the kitchen and said 'ergh i can smell baby birds' but it was vinegar she could smell...=) xx

NO. 6 ....when she found out i was pregnant she clapped her hands and said 'yes a baby sister' ..and then when she found out i was having 2 babies...she got more excited by these little baby sisters she was gonna have....then i told her she was having baby brothers instead and she cried for two whole days!!!........xx

NO. 7 ....when they was little her and Reece were arguing and she goes to Reece 'if you dont stop being horrible to me im not gonna wipe your bum for you anymore'....hahhaah x.x.

NO. 8 ....this was only recent so cant blame being young on this one....but she actually thought if you lived 'up north' it was an actual place like Essex or Manchester!!.....cant have beauty and brains i suppose =) x.x

No. 9 ....last mothers day she made me a really gorgeous personallised album that she stayed up all nite making til she was actually sick with really is a work of art and i will treasure it always....xx

No. 10....and last but by no means least this is the girl i love so very much she makes me laugh every very funny...very artistic and creative....always looks lovely and is not only beautiful on the outside but the inside you Jode dont ever change ♥ ♥ ♥ x.x.

My reply -
Mum you little cute stuff, I would like to add I'm still rubbish at geography, still wear all bashed up baseball boots and still feel sick if I see a sequin or abit of glitter from your album. But where would I be without you? You mean everything (okay, orange bucket coming my way) but no seriously, thank you for a gorgeous 18th. You'll be spoilt on your 50th ;) love you mother Hubbard you milf x x

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