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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Stylish Thinking - Danny McCree

The C.V - Came across Dan on Myspace (remember those Myspace days) about 3 years ago and got along straight away. His style is cool and individual and i love the way he wears his bangles and bracelets. I would call him a best friend, always makes me laugh and loves me for my bum chin.

My style in 3 words.
. plain, baggy, new

I couldnt live baggy carrot fit jeans and my GHD'S, they are for men too.

Im a big..ASOS fan but have always been an Alsaints boy, Your Eyes Lie for Men is a new fav too.

The best thing about London.. is that there is so much to do, round every corner there's something different be that fashion, the people, the look there's something for everyone. Oh and The Big Issue!

On a sunny day.. i love a good run on a sunny day along the embankment, taking in the heart of London while keeping in shape, making sure I remain looking good in the slouch vests for the fast approaching summer.

In 5 years time.. i want to be working hard but making sure I'm still enjoying life. Oh and still cleansing and moisturising.

My iPod.. is a bit diverse last song I purchased was "my imagination" from Charlie and choc factory. I think that had something to do with Sky using it in their adverts. I'm not to proud to say you'll see both NDubz albums on there.. Na na naiiiiiiiii!

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