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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Stylish Thinking - Annika Doble

The C.V - Annie is one of my bestest friends. Shes always there, she makes me laugh and wears her heart on her sleeve just like me. Her style is classy and simple and her shoe collection is simply gorgeous. Shes moving to New York for 3 months this year and im going to miss her like crazy.

My first fashion memory.. was when i was very young, in london with my dad at the office, seeing grown up pretty women in beautiful clothes and shoes and waiting untill i could be old enough to dress myself the same.
My own imagination.. is my greatest inspiration.

My style in 3 words.. clean, classic, neautral.

I own so many.. cream or white silky tops.

The thing i like the most about my appearance.. is im happy that im not really fat.

I couldn't live without.. my Anya Hindmarch Jackson bag, life wouldnt happen without it.

If i could have one thing.. it would be etternal happiness.

In 5 years time.. i will be in New York/London/Paris working as a successful fashion buyer for a fashion house.

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