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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Stylish Thinking -

Being subscribed to Elle, i get to read the glossy every month and i always flick to the 'Stylish Thinking' feature where you see designers, models, singers etc telling you about there life and experiences. I have done my own version answering myself -

The C.V - Jodie Speight, studys at The Fashion Retail Academy. Dreams of working for Chanel, wears her heart on her sleeve.

The home i grew up in.. has always been noisy and full, homely and special.

My first fashion memory.. was when i was on a school trip to the theatre and me and my best friend became inspired by these two gorgeous girls in maxi dresses with messy hair and lots of jewelery and from then on, we wanted to be just like them girls at the theatre. Also as a toddler, i never wanted to wear dresses, only baseball boots and boys pants.

My greatest inspiration.. is those who dont take themselves too seriously and designers, models, friends, my mum, celebrities, places and even people on the tube.

My style in 3 words.. Cute, stylish and individual.

My favourite place in the world.. is anywhere that puts a smile on my face or makes me laugh. Either being at home with mum, being at a festival or laying on a beach if i have my favourite people around me.

Its not very fashionable but i really like.. Horseradish, on everything!

I wish i had never worn.. odd converses in Paris?

I spend all my money on.. Magazines, going out, nice little things, clothes, shoes, bags, you get the drift.

The person that changed my life.. would have to be my mum. I wouldnt be the person i am without the friendship and relationship we have. Its so strong, shes amazing. Rare to find anyone like her. She makes amazing cupcakes too.

Im in love with.. Anyone that makes me laugh, also Jamie Redknapp, Jude Law, Jesse Metcalfe and about 100 other guys.

My home wouldnt be the same without.. Dolly and Jemima.

The thing i like most about my appearance.. are my dimples.

The most important things to me.. are my family and friends, my home and my personality.

Best friends matter.. My mum and my girls are so important.

My life in 5 words.. Exciting, fashionable, happy, unexpected and loving.

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