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Friday, 30 April 2010

Stylish Thinking - Hannah Goulden

The C.V - We both study at The Fashion Retail Academy, Both love Gossip Girl, Both have fashion blogs and both drink from the same treasure chest in Mahiki. This girl has style and one of the loveliest people i have met. Check out her blog -

I get my inspiration.. from a lot of things & I don’t really have just one great inspiration, as I get a lot of ideas from street styles, catwalks, magazine shoots, but I do love Olivia Palermo she’s amazing.

I couldn't live without.. my vintage brown Prada bag, that used to be my mums.

I shop.. at Zara for clothes, Kurt Geiger for shoes.

I really enjoy.. reading Grazia but for high fashion ofcorse it has to be Vogue.

My favourite book.. has to be the Twilight Saga’s but for fashion I adore my Teen Vogue hand book, which is with me at all times.

The wardrobe i would love to raid the most would be.. Olivia Palermo & Carrie Bradshaw.

You can never have too many…Dresses & high heeled shoes.

My favourite handbag… is my cute dark green crocodile one.

My most treasured possession… is this gorgeous Swarovski ring my parents got me for my 18th.

The best thing about fashion… is expressing yourself & showing what mood your in and to be creative and fabulous. It’s a big part of life and living.

I started blogging… because I wanted to share my love with other people who share my same interest.

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