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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Winter iceberg wonderland..

Karl Lagerfeld has done it again, wowing us with his Autumn/Winter collection in Paris. Oh what i would do to be sitting in that front row!

Suspension raised as you first entered the Grand Palais just staring at a white box, it was freezing and everyone was chatting amongst themselves questioning what was behind that big box.

Polar bears? No. Icebergs? Yes. Giant icebergs which melted as the Chanel beauties walked with there fur (which may i add was not real animal fur, i praise you Lagerfeld) and shaggy boots draping in the freezing water.

Blackberry's in hands, Chanel clutches on laps and fur all around. Alexa Chung, Lindsay Lohan and Mario Testino were among the front row with Vanessa Paradis the new face of the handbag line. Alexa Chung wore a white blouse with a feminine black bow, keeping it very monochrome with black denier tights with polka dots. Finishing off her look with her signature black nails. Alexa never fails to look boring.

As the box come up and icebergs come out, brown, caramels, creams and white fake teddy bear fur all made us gasp with excitement. Shaggy trousers with grey leather boots.Gorgeous classic quilted bags covered in patchwork fur, a big statment piece. The models had soft beehive wispy hair with natural make-up.

Big fur jackets seen on the boys as well as the girls but all looked amazing still.

Beyond all the fur and the shaggy boots, there were little cocktail dresses bought in at the waist with there high necks right down to there trains. Elegant silk jackets with feminine pleats just how we know the signature Chanel. Also never forgetting the classic tweed in brown paired with yeti boots.

If we get caught in a blizzard next winter, please please let it be in Chanel.

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