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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dont read if you need to catch up on Gossip Girl- 31st March

Ah Gossip girl is always on form every Wednesday. It hits 9 o'clock and i get all excited (even jumping up and down, clapping hands excitement)!

This week i just wanna cuddle -&kiss- Chuck Bass. Bad luck goes his way everytime! Elizabeth (his mother? not his mother? his mother? so confusing) is such an idiot! And as for Jack, well well i would love to punch him in the face just like Rufus done ;) (oh what a dilfff!) xo

Little Jenny is so annoying! How cute was Nate rescuing her! Agnes is back and im loving the glamorous bitching! xo

Dan and Vanessa are still as cute as ever and im not afraid to admit i am abit jel with there relationship right now. xo

Loved the fashion show and Elenor's new collection - Polka dots, bowler hats and lots of chains and jewellery. I need and want Blair's monochrome Chanel 'purse'. & Not forgetting Amy Astley's guest appearance at the show!! 'Never hide who you are' xo

Couldnt stop smiling when Florence and the machine's "Between two lungs" came on and yes very jealous when V kissed D! xo

"Whatever you wear, dress to kill'
But till then, you know you love me..

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