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Friday, 10 September 2010

Stylish Thinking - Laurence Davies.

The C.V - Laurence and i met when he become my tutor at FRA last year. He is definitely the coolest teacher i have ever met and his style is unique. He has very cool tattoos, designs his own clothes, is a master at Photoshop and is just way tooooooo cool for school. Did i mention cool?

My personal style described in 3 words.. are simple, relaxed but fashion conscious.

My favourite place to shop.. is Urban Outfitters or Asos, they are very similar as the collections are curated with a great sense of style. They are not cheap but are well made and fashion forward and will last the test of time.

The best thing about designing is.. seeing someone wearing your clothes, it gives you such a rush.. I made that!

I REALLY want.. a pair of Nike Air Max 90's Laser Blue, there next on my list.

In terms of life the 3 most important things.. are intengrity, creativity and passion.

I couldnt live without.. a pair of jeans, a checked shirt and an old t shirt.

I was asked to teach at FRA.. a few years ago and i didnt really intend to teach as much as i do now, but when i first started in the classroom it suprised me how much i enjoyed it so therefore sought more teaching time.

I am inspired by.. film, music, street life and people whom i look up too.

I have been designing.. during and since i left fashion uni, nearly 10 years now.

On a sunday.. i will mostly be in the pub having a roast and a few chilled beers or on my couch catching up on telly i have missed during the week surrounded by magazine clippings and books making sketchbooks etc.

My Iphone is.. filled (all 32GB) with all sorts of tunes and films, i am currently liking the original Karate Kid, Risky Business and all sorts of Podcasts. The music is currently 80's groove, The Drums and Arcade Fire.

In 5 years time.. i want to own my own house, have a nice little family, and teach but also have a cute little label on the side.. But most of all.. Be happy.

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