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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I love seeing people in love -

Seeing people all loved up can be one of two things, inspirational or depressing. I mean its all lovely when your loved up along with them but its not when your having a shit time with guys so if your the second option, lift your head high and smile and one day you'll be just as loved up. I am really incredibly happy with where i am right now, in love.
Have a gorgeous sunny Tuesday xoxo


  1. Yaayy Jodes, so hapy for you that you r in lovvvve. :-) and I totally agree. When Martin was in England I would get really pissed off at loved up strangers, and my mum said, but you are in love, and I was like Yeah but its no good when he's not here and I can't look loved up too! I feel left out!! hahaha loser

  2. that guy from skins is sooo hot. pretty sure he's younger than me though haha cougar!
    nice that you're happy