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Friday, 28 May 2010

I definitely got 'Carrie-d' away

So, no wonder everyone is going mad for Sex and the city, It was amazing! I didnt want it to end and wanted to watch it all over again as soon as the credits come on screen. Im not going to ruin it for you beauts who are still to watch it but seriously be prepared for the brilliant styling of Patricia Field, that woman needs a GOLD medal, she is amazing at her job! I need and want all them beautiful Halston dresses and gold Louboutins that every girl gasped at when they come on the big screen. Its so much funnier than the first one but still as inspiring and fashionable. This time round, my second from favourite character, seeing as Carrie will always be my fav is suprisingly Miranda who in this second film has really come out of her shell and is so funny. Bless her and her ginger bob!! Samantha is a legend as always or should i say 'sex pest' legend, one of my favourite scenes had me clapping out loud with laughter (when i clap, it means im finding something very funny) when she was the typical Samantha Jones everyone loves and adores. Charlotte is a beaut and a huge yummy mummy!! Mr Big is just too cute this time round and the famous Preston romance has lots of 'sparkle'. I am definitely 100% going to watch it again next week. Best Friday girls night ive had in a long time. Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever ours.

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