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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New York City

Where oh where do i start to write about my experience in New York city over Fashion Week. I shall start with it was AMAZING and an experience i will never forget.
From working at the BCBG offices, casting beautiful legs-never-ending models, making model boards and survival kits, overhearing Lubov Azria demanding a green salad, getting inspired by one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen wandering around the office - never having the guts to ask her what her role was within BCBG, Admiring the racks of Herve Leger dresses in every colour imaginable, making several trips to Starbucks which was luckily situated right next to the office for model muse JuJu while shooting for the Herve Leger look book, filling the steaming machine up with Fiji water and then steaming all the beautiful clothes and seeing them exact garments going down the catwalk while sitting third row at the show;
Third day we were shooting for Maisonette 1977's lookbook, asked to put together the looks and to steam the amazing silks and satins, lindt rolling the furs and leathers. Talking about England to the Scottish model, was very lovely to hear an accent similar to home. Dressing models and putting together the shoot was amazing and talking to the great photographer Kevin Sturman, telling me who to contact at Vogue, again was lovely to hear a very London accent. (Everyone in NY lurvvveesss the English accent!)
For the next 3 days, going to work at the Luca Luca offices, making friends with the American beauts Ilana and Lauren that were in love with me and Annie's English accents, pulling together looks to send off for the front row guests such as Kelly Rutherford, Petra Nomcova, Louise Roe, Lorraine Nicholson to name a few. Working on model fittings alongside Anna Wintours daughter-in-law Catherine (and her bitchy assistant), not working out whether she had an English/American or Australian accent, was a little scary to say the least. Choosing what shoes went the best with each look once they arrived 4 hours before the show, always fashionably late. Calling the gorgeous Luca Luca designer Raoul 'Marc Anthony' as he is a double of him but better. Meeting a girl called Poppy Waddilove and falling in love with her name and her Brentwood accent, Trying on clothes from the show room to wear to the after party, running all around New York dropping front row outfits off at hotels and apartments, talking to Kelly Rutherford's Japanese assistant who couldn't understand a word i was saying. Seating people on the front row on the day of the show and then sitting in the front row myself just before the show started, smiling at Annie sitting across from me knowing we had worked with all the beautiful clothes that were going down the runway and camera flashes going crazy.
Fashion Week had started so it was all about going from one show to the next, working behind the crazy backstage dressing models, working front of house seating guests and getting everything organised for the big 15 minutes that had took months of hard work. Backstage is everything you imagine it would be, frantic with cameras, stylists flying everywhere, designers staying unusually calm, hair and make up working at 100mph, press everywhere interviewing the important people. I always look in magazines and on blogs and see these pictures of backstage and never think of all the madness that goes on while there being taken.
Working backstage at the Zang Toi show was one amazing experience and one of the biggest highlight of the trip, the clothes were to die for and Zang as a designer is a legend but doesn't get recognised or credited enough and is overshadowed by the bigger names that have a whole design team working and have hardly any input themselves. The creams and heavy fabrics were amazing with the black beyond classy gowns with emerald green gems with beehive hairdo's. Standing backstage watching the screen as the finale is happening, i notice that every single person of the audience is standing up and giving Zang a standing ovation which then he notices and starts jumping up and down like a madman wiping his eyes. It all got very emotional from there. When the shows finish, the front row guests are invited backstage and me and Annie run off with about 4 goodie bags each. You just cant help yourself.
Being upset on this day as its Valentines and i didn't see my beaut and sitting in Starbucks on wifi for 4 hours chatting and doing crying faces over bbm to eachother (which happened on a regular occasion, the workers were beginning to know us) Being invited to the Callula Lillibelle show instead of working it was a good experience and an uplift and seeing the collection in The Box as a presentation was different and cool, i loved the brogue and shorts look. Going straight from there to work at the Tracey Reese show which was very colourful, pretty and bright but somehow reminded me of Juicy Couture clothing, maybe because of the pom poms and frills and bold colours. My model i dressed was from Essex too which was cool and she looked beaut in her cream summer dolly dress. Kanye West and Rhianna ending with Florence and the machine was the music of the show which i thought was abit strange.
Ive probably missed so much out but overall that was my trip, one to never forget.
Thanks Lewla for the bestest Valentines present ever, your amazing.

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