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Thursday, 3 February 2011

I have never experienced packing like it.

Ok, so all week ive been slowly packing half of my wardrobe, wish i could take it all but i cant fit it all in a suitcase my 13 year old brother can fit in but today i need to finalise everything. 1, its -10 degree temperatures in New York and deep in 5 feet of snow and im packing fine silk cardigans and silk blouses to wear ofcourse under a big cream fur coat but im just worrying im going to freeze to death when i take the polar bear off buttttt hopefully i will be running around model casting, fitting and styling, making runway boards, venue seating and being behind the scenes at the shows looking like a 5ft migit compared to the beautiful 6ft russian dolls draped in Hervé leger. Now im indecisive about what shoes to pack, do i pack my YSL's and be prepared to walk on the icy snowy New York ground in them or should i just stick to my high Primark boots... I'll take both, i never know where i might end up. Talking to Olivia Palermo discussing that we have the same shoes on at one of the aftershows would be pretty amazing... stop dreaming. Its not just one of those sight seeing shopping trips to New York, its me working around designers and there teams, models and walking in the New York fashionable air so ive had to pack all my favourite things, if i get cold. Tough, Its New York fashion weeeeek.
One little problem though, i have about 2 inches of spare room to bring anything i buy out there home.
Hmmmmmmmm. HELP!

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