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Thursday, 5 August 2010

I love London Town.

My day in London with Mother was a success apart from parking so far from the station, forgetting my purse, spending far too much in Topshop, Getting glitter tattoos, Envying this beautiful woman who was wearing the most amazing outfit consisting of orange YSL tributes, a green Chloe bag, hair to die for and a smile thats fit enough for a Colgate advert and not forgetting her gorgeous american accent, Ending up on the other side of the bridge and waving to the tourists and also acting like a tour guide, going to hire bikes out but mum hurt her back, Olly Murs being on Alan Carr and Tinchy Stryder looking about 12 when infact hes 24, seeing the most vile couple all over eachother on the train home and mum nearly kidnapping a cat. A great day overall.
(even if it costs you a weeks wages at it)

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  1. really cute dragon flies tatoo things :) lookslike you had a great time. me and my mum want to do the cycling thing, how much is it?